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Artwork Requirements

Click here to download the Artwork Requirements

Media Used
If you are sending a CD/DVD make sure the session is finalized so Mac and PC computers can read it.

Linked or Embedded Graphics
Linked or Embedded Graphics print better when placed at 100%. Black and white bitmap graphics should be 1200 dpi at 100%. Greyscale or colour graphics should be 300 dpi for 150 line screens 400 for 200 line at 100%.
All graphics, even embedded ones, should be included. Minimum dot is 0.5%.

Programs used
Current versions of Illustrator, In Design, Quark Express, Photoshop. We can use most PDF’s (press ready) or EPS’s. Other program files might produce unexpected results, or not be useable. Illustrator is the preferred format. Do not submit art in Word, Excel or Publisher.

Convert all type to paths unless we are to make changes to the copy, if so, include all screen and printer, Truetype, OTF, DFont fonts that are to be used. Type below 3 pt. and reversed type below 4 pt. will not print legibly, especially if the font is thin (or features of the font are thin, with serifs or scripts). Also, as a general guideline, use one weight heavier than a regular weight when reversing type. Photoshop should not be used for setting type.

The minimum rule weight we recommend is 0.5 pt.
Dots should also be at least 0.5 pt. in diameter.

Bar Codes
The Minimum size we recommend for UPC bar codes is 80%. Bar width reduction is -.0025” We also recommend not using fonts for barcodes, we can generate a high quality barcode for most formats.

Provide at least 1/16" bleeds, 1/8” is better. Keep graphics and type at least 3/16 away from die lines.

Colours Check Colors to be sure that they are as expected (CMYK, Spot or both). Keep spot colours consistent between programs. Delete unused spot colours. Use a custom colour for die lines and make sure they overprint. Especially if suppling a PDF. Please list any additional information, comments, changes or instructions regarding your job.

Please ask yourself & check off the following questions:
Are all needed graphics supplied and placed at 100%?
Have you included a pdf for reference along with the files?
Did you outline the type or supply us with the fonts needed for the job?
Did you include a die line that indicates the label size?

If your files are 10MB or smaller you can email them otherwise use an ftp site or you can easily send
files that are too large for e-mail by going here: