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Labels 101
Labels 101

There are many different types of label materials and adhesives. When looking to sell a label to your customer here are some factors to consider:
1. What will the label be used for?
2. What will the label be adhered to?
For example will it be placed on frozen items. It will need to have freezer adhesive. Will it be outdoors? It will need light fast inks for longer UV resistance and may need lamination as well. Will it be placed on difficult to adhere to substrates such as tires or porous materials? It will need a more aggressive adhesive.
3. Will the label be covering part of an existing package? It will need block-out adhesive so the background does not show through.
4. Is the label machine applied? If so the die cut must be perfect and the copy position is crucial. Critical information is required as to the machine manufacturers specifications such as maximum roll dimensions and core size.
5. Will the label be imprinted by the customer? This may require different types of substrates or coating depending on the type of imprinting.
6. Are there multiple labels and low quantities? Perhaps digital printing is the way to go. There are no plates to purchase thereby  keeping your job cost down.
There can be many more factors involved providing the correct label for your customer. When we know the end use of the label we can be helpful in selecting the most effective combination of label construction for your customer's needs. Please contact us for advice in this area. If you use our on-line quote please indicate the end use.